12 Chippendale Dining Chairs

12 Chippendale Dining Chairs

A rare set of 12 Chippendale dining room chairs consisting of 10 side chairs and 2 arm chairs. Made out of solid mahogany, large sets in good order are hard to come by.

This set has nice ribbon, or ladder, backs that are quite comfortable to sit in. The front legs are molded on each chair. The arm chairs continue this molding onto the arms themselves. The crest rail has very nice pierced crest rail that really sets the chairs apart from others of the same era. These are a bit younger than we normally carry but we could not pass on them.  American. Circa 1930-1950.

Currently, the chairs are in “as found” condition. The seats are covered in faux leather which is in excellent condition. The padding is a bit flat but this will be remedied when the chairs are recovered. However, they are totally usable “as is”. We cannot stress how comfortable the “saddle” seats will be once they are reupholstered.


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