17 3/8″ Imari Charger

A stunning Imari charger. At 17 3/8″ diameter, this piece is beautiful. Artistically, this is an excellent example. In the center are three gold fish. They represent wealth, fortune, and good luck.However, these three gold fish are really well done. They have a slight fade to them which gives the illusion one is seeing them through water. They really do “feel” like they are swimming in the center.  On the outer edge, three panels depict the pine, bamboo, and plum trees. They represent courage, virtue, strength, fortitude, eternal youth and longevity in Japanese culture. Lastly, the back is gorgeous. Rarely are the backs pretty but this one is decorated in a way we have never seen. As one can see, this piece is full of Japanese symbolism. It is in great condition with no chips, cracks, or repairs. Japan. Circa 1885.  

Price: SOLD

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