18th Century Camelback Sofa

A beautiful, mahogany camelback from the 18th century. Sofas this early are rare. This one features tapered, Hepplewhite legs with molded fronts.The stretcher does appear to be original (it has been repaired in a spot or two). Overall, it is 86” wide, 36 ¾” tall and 30 ¾” deep. It is in “as found condition”. Honestly, it looks like it has hardly been used. (It was wrapped up and in storage when I acquired it.) As great as all of this is, what really takes the cake is the down cushioning. Yes, the seat is down…and, so is the back and arms. To find a sofa of this age, that has been reupholstered in down is unheard of. One cannot imagine the cost of doing this. The cushion is extremely comfortable. The back and arms are good too but have less cushioning than the seat. All in all, this is a great piece at an amazing price! English. Circa 1780-1800.

Price: $1,985 – as is

It can be reupholstered. The cost to do this can vary a bit depending on what is done but a good faith estimate is an additional $3,100.

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