18th century Serving Table

18th century Serving Table

“WOW!” A rare ,and desirable, marble top table from the mid-18th century. Where does one start? First, look at the table base. Beautifully carved Chippendale Ball and Claw feet.Above them, an elegantly carved, acanthus leaf knee with a shell in the center. Look to the right and left, the eye notices the coved apron. This feature is incredibly rare and gives the table an elegance that cannot be described by words. Accordingly, the eye notices the unusually colored marble. Marble was seldom used in English furniture in the 1700s but when it is, it is a sign of finery. This piece does not disappoint. The colors vary from white, to grey, to almost a mauve brown. The bull nosed edge is another desirable feature. The table does have some wear on the edge of the marble, one corner, and a flaw in the top of the marble that is scarcely as deep as the thickness of a piece of paper. Furthermore, there is a slight lift on the marble corners that doesn’t seem to impede the usefulness of the piece at all. One only notices it when examining the top at eye level. All in all, the marble is in great condition for approximately 250 years of age. Finally, there is the size. It is a perfect 38” wide, 20 “ deep, and 31 ¼” tall.  This is an outstanding serving table. English. Circa 1755-1775.

Price: $4,350


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