Bold Blue Imari Bowl

This bold, blue Imari bowl is very eye catching. The blue is rich, striking, and more abundant than one typically finds on Imari pieces. Furthermore, the size is very desirable at 11 ¼” in diameter and 3 ½” in height.Look closely at the edge and one will find something very unusual. There is a notch every 5” around the circumference. This is very unusual in export pieces but not in the Japanese domestic market. Originally, this notch would have had a cord laid in it, even spaced around the bowl and knotted together under the bottom, giving it the ability to hang. The foreign markets did not hang bowls but the Japanese did. It is a fun and unusual form in an export piece. Combine this unusual element with the bold blue, this piece is quite desirable. Overall, the condition is excellent with only minor gold loss on the top edge from use and dusting. Japanese. Circa 1890.

Price: $845

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