Bold Inlaid Chest

An eye popping, bold, mahogany chest of drawers.

Made to impress; there is only one word that fits, WOW! Where does one even start? Well, perhaps we begin with the inlay. (whistle) It is simply…great!The top and drawer fronts are inlaid in a matching pattern with a broad band with two thin layers above and below. The wood and color choice offers a striking contrast to the mahogany case. Then there is the repeat of the shape of the top in the inlay pattern on the drawer fronts and drawer pulls (which are replaced but look amazing). However, it is the stiles of the chest that really makes one just stop and stare…in awe. In all our years, this chest is a one of a kind piece. I can only imagine what might have happened to lead a cabinet maker to this wonderful design. It starts at the top with a carved capital out of a Roman or Greek temple. The half column then switches over to a form of a barely twist. (It’s sublime).  Next comes what looks like fluting that is completely filled. All of this sits on a “strong base”, foot, that is rectangular bracket foot with string inlay. Lastly, the chest is a great size at  39 1/8” wide, 21”, and 37 ½” tall. Altogether, this piece really shows off a creative cabinet maker who wanted to impress. And, he succeeded! It has elm secondary and is English.  Dating this piece is a bit trickier than usual but we are going to go with a safe, Circa 1800. 

Price: $4,950

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