Engraving Chimney Rock, NC

Engraving of Chimney Rock in North Carolina, Circa 1875

A nice hand colored engraving some of Chimney Rock, Hickory-Nut Gap in North Carolina.  It is 17 1/2″ tall and 14 1/2″ wide.


“Smith’s History of Virginia”

“Smith’s History of Virginia” by Capt. John Smith, 1629. This is a 2nd printing of “Smith’s History of Virginia” by Capt. John Smith.  It was originally published in 1629.  The 2nd printing was done here, in Richmond, VA, in 1819 from the original plates.


Map of Virginia

Map of Virginia, Circa 1827

A nice map of Virginia from 1827.  The frame is 20 x 17.25″. It has been professionally framed.  Look at Chesterfield County.


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