Cherry Candle Box

A wonderful, open candle box. This open candle box is not only beautiful (and untouched) but is very functional. The open feature is ideal for easy access.It is the perfect size for tv remotes or it can be hung where car keys and cell phones can be placed in it. (“I use mine for all our keys at home” – Jay) The vast majority of candle boxes are mahogany or English oak. It is hard to find American ones. While it is 14” wide, 5 ¼” deep, and 8” tall; the overall shape is great. Look closely at the upside down trapezoid form and the hand dovetails. In addition, the high back features 2 hearts and an opening to hang it from. We suspect that the open area above the middle hole probably was closed and it hung in that spot. More than likely, it was used so much that the nail wore through the wood and it was trimmed to what we see today. Lastly, look closely at the edge of the box and the edge of the base. Although it shows a lot of wear and use, it was molded! All of this is really special for an American candle box. What a great piece! American. Circa 1790-1820.

Price: $395

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