Cherry Corner Cupboard 2019

Cherry Corner Cupboard

A beautiful, solid cherry corner cupboard from the Mid-Atlantic region. The upper doors have 16 glass panes. This wonderful piece has an air about that feels “light”. This is in part due to the nice French bracket feet. Additionally, the sides “cut back: from the front at a 90 degree angle. This Germanic trait really helps the piece feel slim. As a result of the “cut back” allows this cupboard to fit into a 26 1/2″ corner. The forward corner is projects out to roughly 31″. Standing 7′ 1 1/2″ tall, this piece has great size without overwhelming a room. The glass is clear and show only minor defects and rippling. (A few pieces may be newer replacements.) More than likely, this piece was meant for china.  The plate groves on the upper shelves indicate this. The feet and cornice are original.   

As to the actual color, this piece was a challenge to photograph. Depending on where I stood the color changed significantly. However, I think the first picture is the best.  Depending on how the light hits the piece, the first two pictures are both accurate. It is not as “red” as some of the close-ups show. 

The only real repairs on this piece are the front edge to the corners of the cornice. This repair is shown here but much harder to see in real life. (The flash makes them obvious.)  Lastly, the front, lower left door has a repair on the front. It can be seen and is a shallow repair, about 1/4″ deep. All in all, this is a great piece. Poplar secondary. American, Mid-Atlantic. Circa 1820.


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