Chinese Chippendale Upholstered Chair

Chinese Chippendale Library Chair

A delightful, fully upholstered arm chair with Chinese Chippendale carvings. This fully upholstered chair is a library chair.  Some would call it a Martha Washington, or lolling chair. The former is the American term and the latter is the English. The name Martha Washington came from her sitting in one while posing for several portraits. It is well known that she owned and sat in one frequently while at Mount Vernon. There are slight differences between these chairs and the names are commonly misused.

This chair is an excellent example of Thomas Chippendale’s Chinese carvings (better known as Chinese Chippendale). The arms and front legs (2 sides) are beautifully carved and are very eye catching. Look closely, one can see the arms and back are nicely shaped. Made out of Honduras mahogany, the wood is strong and has a light brown tone to it. Overall, the finish has nice age and the warm glow so many people love in antiques. Lastly, the fabric is beautiful. However, in real life, it doesn’t have the pink tone often depicted here. Check out the 2nd picture for a better example. The chair has been fully restored, structurally by us. It is 40” tall, 29 ½” wide, and 31” deep. It is quite comfortable. English. Circa 1770.

Price: $3495

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