Chippendale Settee

A beautifully built Chippendale settee made out of solid mahogany. This outstanding piece was made by a master. Start with a close look at the back. It features wonderfully carved “owl” splats with ears on the crest rail.  The arms are shaped and have a most unusual accented on and below the hand rest. Next, the base has 7 Chippendale straight legs. However, there are 4 on the back with only 3 on the front. Looking under the settee, one will see the most unusually built stretcher base. The extra leg and stretchers really add to the overall strength of the piece. This additional construction makes the piece very strong and helps explain how it survived in such excellent condition for over 200 years! Lastly, look at the seat. Yes, it appears to have an incredibly old, if not original, seat cover. It is needle point with petti point sew center medallions! WOW! Incredibly enough, it even appears to have retained its original finish. All in all, this is a marvelous piece. It is 56 ½” wide, 24” deep, and 39” tall. English. Circa 1760-1780.

Price: $4950

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