Empire End Table

A lovely, three drawer Empire End Table with drop leaves. The base of the table is very unusual with the two pedestals. This indicates that it probably had a sewing bag. However, the bag was removed a long time ago and has a nice old bottom in the last drawer.This gives the table a “lighter feel” that many Empire end tables are missing. Some may call this table an Empire Pembrooke or Empire Sewing Table.  Regardless, this table is in great condition. The finish does appear to be old, likely original. It has a wonderful luster, or sheen, to it. The pulls look original too. Overall, it stands 28 7/8″ tall, 17 5/8″ deep, and 18 1/4″ wide with the leaves down. When the leaves are open, the width extends to 36″. Lastly, look at the top. Each part of it is flame mahogany. In the pictures, one side looks darker. This is not accurate. The color is pretty even across the top. To show this, we took 2 pictures of the top. One with the table facing forward and one with it facing backward. Note that the darkest part is always on the right. It is not. This table was particularly difficult to photograph accurately. It is even prettier in person. American. Circa 1840.

Price: $1,595

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