Fine Silk Embroidery

“Striking, meticulous, colorful, pristine” are just some of the words that describe this piece. This is one of the finest silk embroidery pieces one may ever see. Even saying this, does not do this piece justice.

No matter how many pictures are taken none can convey the artistry and skill that was required to make this piece. Furthermore, the condition is nothing short of miraculous. The quality of the stitching is so good one forgets it is sewn and not painted. Only the hands and face are painted. Look at the coloring! The blue, pinks, reds, greens are all original. The colors are intact and really pop off of the champagne colored silk. Lastly, the seated lady with the Union Jack and sailing ship are incredible. The blocks have the initials of its creator, HGT and the year 1800. It measures 19 ¼” by 16”. Even the glass and frame are original, as well, with the frame measuring 24” tall and 20 7/8” wide. The frame shows heavy wear and tear. English. Dated 1800

Price: $4,495

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