Fukagawa Imari Bowl 12/19

Fukagawa Imari Bowl

A beautiful, Imari Bowl with magnificent decorations and color. Where does one start with this piece? First, the color. This piece has a wonderfully bold palette that really grabs one’s attention. The blues, golds, greens, and oranges really “pop”. Next, the designs are complex and not what one commonly sees. In the interior of bowl are four gold medallions with raised grass, flowers, and butterflies. On the interior edge of the rim two seated men play a game. Below them, is a foo dog! The only flaw on this entire piece is in the interior orange ring. It occurred while the piece was being made and is not easily noticed. 

From the interior the eye progresses to the exterior. The shape is very unique and the decorations really work well with it. From here, the eye drifts to the exterior. It is almost as beautifully decorated as the interior. The top edge is colorful and features green that blends with the interior. Below the edge is a complex gold and orange decoration. Finally, the bottom is marked with the Red Koransha mark. The bowl is 8 3/4″ in diameter and stands 3 1/8″ tall. Japanese. Circa 1890.

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