Inlaid Stick Barometer

A beautifully inlaid, stick barometer. In working order, this stick barometer has a lot going for it. First, the main stem of the barometer features herring bone, mahogany veneer.Next, the outer edge is to inlaid in a herring bone shape with the barber pole pattern. Each side of the pattern is the opposite color from one another. This continues around the cistern and cup at the bottom. The alternating colors really is something to behold. Finally, the door around the face has a single line of barber pole inlay. The face is signed “P. Gally Fecit Cambridge”. Fecit is Latin for “He made” or made by. The broken pediment does appear to be original. Overall, it measures 39 ¼” by 5 ¼”. Cambridge, England. Circa 1825.

Price: $3,195

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