Library Steps

A rare set of library steps. Steps rarely survive due to the heavy, functional use they were created for. However, this one is in excellent condition. Originally, these would most likely have served as library steps but nothing stops them from being used in a variety of ways and settings.The walnut and small cosmetic embellishments means this was meant to be seen in the main living area. The single, upright rail was for support when one was going up or down the steps. The handhold is 41″ tall but the top step is only 24″ from the floor. It is 15″ wide, and 14 1/2″ deep. Overall, it is in amazing condition. While it has been refinished at some point, there are no evident damage. American. These could have been made anywhere in the 2nd half of the 19th century, Circa 1870.

Price: $545

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