Mahogany Linen Press

A nice, mahogany linen press with linen slide. Made in the Chippendale form, this piece separates into 2 parts. The mahogany in the door panels is pretty.Each panel has a repaired separation that is visible in the pictures. (The left door is hard to see unless the light catches it just right) Both are stable and were originally restored by us around 35 years ago. Lowering one’s gaze, the front feet do pop out. While they are faded, there is no doubt that they are original! We can touch them up to match better. When one opens the door, the pull out linen slides jump out. This form of linen press is delightful and extremely functional as well. While the slides are hand dovetailed, they are bench made replacements from the early 1900’s. Inside the case, there is a note written in pencil saying the pieces was restored in 1914 in Richmond, VA by a Mr. Gentry. I suspect the original flat shelves were “upgraded” to linen slides then. The linen slide has a leather insert and is very nice. All of the drawer pulls are replaced. At this point, it is in “as found” condition and we have not tested the wood. I strongly suspect we would discover that it is American. It is 46 7/8” wide, 21” deep, and 82 3/8” tall. Some of the original rose head nails remain. Circa 1775.

Price: $2950

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