Mahogany Serpentine Chest

A wonderful, mahogany serpentine chest that is as complex as it is pretty. First, just look at it. See the sweeping, graceful lines of the front and the top. Then follow those lines to the chamfered corners and shaped sides.It is at this point one cannot help but notice the long row of bell flowers that decorated the canted corners of the case. However, the top is not to be outdone. Look at how it emulates the front of the piece but complete changes on the sides. This is absolutely wonderful. The top has some very unusual construction characteristics including a mahogany veneered top over a central core of what appears to be yellow pine. While the feet are not original, they do look good with the chest and follow the same contours as the case. It is 44 ½” wide, 23 13/16” deep, and 38 ¼” tall. Overall, this is a beautiful piece.  Norfolk, Virginia. Circa 1800.

For more information on the attribution, look at the article from “Neoclassic Furniture of Norfolk, Virginia, 1770-1820”, with Ronald L. Hurst, in Magazine Antiques (May 1990).

Price: $3995

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