Map of Virginia by Smith

A rare, map of Virginia by Captain John Smith. Yes, this is “the Captain John Smith” who landed here in 1607. This fine map was published in a 2 volume set about his exploits in Virginia and a 2nd, and uneventful, return trip to New England.The books are small and the images unfolded out of the first volume to the size you see here. The books were published in 1629. Only once has it been republished. That was in 1819…in…Richmond, VA! Yes, Richmond, VA. The reprint was from the original plates and, sadly, they have been lost to time. This particular map is from the reprint.(Originals are unbelievably rare and expensive. Most are in museums.)


The map itself features Chief Powhatan in a grass hut with his wives and children. The right side features a Powhatan warrior in a classic European pose. The lower portion of the map features a ship and a coat of arms. All of the major rivers are marked showing how far Captain Smith personally explored. Amazingly, it is astoundingly accurate for an early map, roughly within 100 yards of modern gps systems! Lastly, look at the James River and Jamestown. Note how Jamestown is spelt, “Iamestown”. Capital I, L, J were often interchanged in writing. The frame is 24 ¾” long and 21 ½” tall. The image is 16 ½” long and 13 ¼” tall. Included with this map is the first volume of the 2 book set. The binding is in rough condition but the interior is in excellent shape. The few images inside it have been removed but the text is all there and in excellent condition. In fact, the condition of the map is one of the best I have seen.

Price: $2395

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