Massachusetts Card Table

A striking, Massachusetts card table with tapered legs. This table has so much going for it that it is hard to know where to start. First, WOW, check out the inlay work and how it pops.It has 5 different types/patterns of inlay, including the feet!  Second, the shape. This table has serpentine sides with an elliptical front. The serpentine sides are wonderful and give the table a flow or elegance that is not often seen on card tables. Each part of the top is one board. The legs are tapered with an additional taper to the feet. Overall, the table is 35 ¾” wide, 17 ¼” deep, 28 ¾” tall and it has been refinished. 

Lastly, the way the table is built is most unusual. There is a picture of the underside below. Look at while reading this. Due to how the serpentine ends narrow when they reach the front leg, the cabinet maker had to come up with a different way to attach the apron to the front legs. He built a mortis and tenon joint that goes comes out of the rear side for the front leg. He then screwed this joint to the apron.  Furthermore, he made the apron unusually thick and placed 2 screws through the side aprons into the top. All of this makes the table strong but helps with the attribution of Massachusetts. Circa 1790.

Price: $3495

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