Virginia Valuables

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Hello Everyone,

 I wanted to let you know the final Virginia Valuables Web Episodes are now all posted on the Virginia Valuables website.

Visit the website at or click on the link below.

 All 17 episodes from the program can be found on the website.  Click on the playlist to choose the episode you’d like to see.

 The remaining formerly unpublished episodes include:

 Beth Monroe and the Bar Pin

Holly Greenwood and the Salt Shaker

Lynn West and the Deadwood Items

Claudia Larson and the 4 pieces of jewelry

Victoria Fox’s Son and the 4 poster bed

Jack Highsmith and the Ship Horn

Rai Anne Larkins and the Child’s Head Renoir

Louise Hodges and the Small Wood Cabin

Virginia Carpenter and the Baptismal Medal

Thank you all, again, for participating in our Virginia Valuables program.  I hope you had fun!



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