New York Linen Press

This striking, Federal, linen press simply put is…WOW!

First and foremost, the flame mahogany leaps off the piece. One’s eye simply won’t leave it. The flame mahogany is all bookend matched. This means each piece was the congruent cut of mahogany to the next one.Look closely at it and one can see the nature shift in each piece from the previous. This feature is very pronounced on the drawer fronts and on the cornice. Meanwhile, the door panels are bookend matched to one another as well. Next, one observes the ornate hardware. As best we can tell, the pulls are all original and so are the decorative pieces on the top. Next, the eye notices the ornately turned feet and nicely shaped apron. If the piece just stopped here, it would be wonderful. However, the final part is the interior of the top. Pictured are the 5 slides all pulled partially out. The bottom row is even separated into 2 slides. This delightful feature is totally unexpected. Slides are very functional and extremely desirable today. This divided slide on the bottom is just “icing on the cake”. All of the slides are original. Overall, while it is a large piece it is not overwhelming. It stands at  7’ 6 1/8” tall, 20 3/4 “ deep, and 47 ¾” wide. It separates into two parts. Attributed to New York. Circa 1825.

Price: $5950

This piece is a show stopper! We have tried to take pictures that adequately represent this piece but we never could quite reach the mark. The closeup pictures are by far closer to what the piece actually looks like than the overall pictures.

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