Ornate Oak Server

Wow! A strikingly carved, oak server made out of quarter sawn oak. This “show stopping” piece features beautifully cut oak. The stripping is particularly nice on the front and top of the base.This two part piece has a detachable backsplash which makes this piece easier to move. However, the beautiful, hand carved accents steal the show. First, the paw feet and barely twist columns are incredible. Second, the applied scroll work on the top and bottom help bring the piece together. However, the ornate supports for the top shelf help give the piece a balance that would be lacking without them. The shape of the original beveled mirror in the back is outstanding too. It is 49 ½” wide, 24 ½” deep in the middle and 22 5/8” deep on the end. The base is 35 13/16” tall while the top is 24 3/16” tall. Together it is a nice size at 60” tall. The drawer pulls and escutcheon appear to be original. Lastly, the finish does appear to be original. American. Circa 1900.


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