Oval Imari Bowl by Fukagawa

“Wow”, this is a stunning piece. This piece just gets better and better the more one looks at it. First, it is oval, ribbed, and scalloped. As if that wasn’t enough, the top edge has an applied silver edge to it.While the edge is not marked, there is no evidence that it is plated. Once the eye gets passed all of this delectable goodness, it settles on the interior. The interior is decorated in high style Imari fashion with applied gold leaf. The leaves are an unusual touch, especially the green ones. Picking the piece up, one notices the nicely decorated sides. Upon turning it over, one immediately sees the markings of Fukagawa in blue. Fukagawa was the best and the pieces from him and his family are extremely desirable. It is 11 ¾ long, 9 5/8 deep,  4” tall. Japanese. Circa 1895.

Price: $1145

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