Oval Marble Top Table

A beautiful, oval, marble top table. This is one of the more elegant marble top tables we have owned. Starting with the base, the delicate nature of the supports lends the table a feeling of airiness that Victorian tables don’t normally have. Made out of walnut, this table is strong and sturdy. Furthermore, the quality of the turns is superb. With soft grey veins, the oval, marble top is in excellent condition with minor blemishes from wear. Lastly, it is signed! There are good pictures of the signature and where it was made. It was made in Rome, New York by “….Orton and Sons”. This is extraordinary! Overall, it is 25 ¼ wide, 18 7/8” deep, and 29 ¾” tall. This is an amazing table. Victorian. Rome, New York.  American. Circa 1880.

As an aside, we do have one that is almost identical. It is slightly larger. While it is not signed, there is no doubt it came out of the same shop. They would work well as a pairing.

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