Pair of Mirrored Wall Sconces

A striking pair of mirrored wall sconces.  The mirrors feature a cluster of arrows that are etched on the backside of the glass. They do appear to have been resilvered in the past. This beautiful pair of wall sconces still have their original double light sconce arms which are removable.So often, the arms are replaced or missing.  It is refreshing to find ones still together. Lastly, the outside edge is gilded in a high carat gold leaf called “water gilding”. This, too, appears to have been regilded. While one always prefer less restoration work, these have been properly restored and are magnificent. They are 18″ tall and 18 1/2″ wide at the top. Please note, one of the sconces has a small crack near the top. The crack is stable and has not spread at all in the last 10 years. (We sold this pair then and this is the second time we have owned them.) If one wishes to make a statement, these sconces will surely do that. Probably English. Circa 1820

Price: $1795

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