Pair of Rose Medallion Beaker Vases

A beautiful pair of Rose Medallion vases in the “beaker” shape. Sometimes called “Rose Mandarin”, this pair are absolutely beautiful. The pair mirror one another. The beaker” form is very sought after. Each vase features two panels with numerous individuals. The area between the panels features “presents” with an individual in the middle.The top and bottom of the base are nice decorated with fruit and butterflies. The interior of the lip is decorated in Chinese “roses”. Overall, the pieces are in excellent condition with no damage or repairs. One of the vases does have a flaw that occurred when it was drying in the kiln. It is picture. It appears to be a small piece of another piece, probably a vase. The vases were probably touching and once they were done had to be separated. The result is a small flaw. This flaw is not noticeable unless the vases are above eye level. Regardless, this pair is beautiful. They are 9 7/8″ tall and 4 3/4″ in diameter at the top. The main body of the vases expands towards the base with an average diameter of 3″. Circa 1885.

Price: $1495

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