Pair of Rose Medallion Vases

Pair of Rose Medallion Vases

A beautiful pair of rose medallion vases. This pair is a great size at 11 ¾” tall and 4 1/4” in diameter. However, what really sets this pair apart are the great panels on the vases. Usually, a nice pair of this size has 2 or 4 panels on each vase. In this case, each vase has a panel on the neck and the main body of the vase. Additionally, it has two different panels on each side for a total of 6 panels. This brings the total up to 6 panels. Normally, they would need to be 16” or taller for such a feet. These vases are only 12” tall!

Look more closely, each panel is beautifully decorated. The gold dragon and temple dogs are in excellent shape and show only modest wear to the gold leaf. There is no damage, cracks, or repairs to either vase. All in all, this pair are simply, delightful! Chinese. Circa 1885.

Price: $1645

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