Pair of Upholstered Queen Anne Chairs

A lovely pair of fully upholstered, Queen Anne chairs. This is not a simple pair of dining chairs. These were meant for a formal living room or sitting area.  Always ended for comfort and leisure, these chairs are very rare for their age. Made in the l8th century in Britain, these chairs are wonderful.At first one sees the clean lines and size. They stand 38 3/4″ tall, 24 1/2″ wide at the knees, and 26 1/2″ deep from back to front of the seat rail. It is upon further inquiry that the true beauty of these chairs really comes out. Look closely at the front legs. Each knee block is carved with acanthus leaves and it continues onto the cabrio leg. The rear legs have a uncommonly fine grace/bend to them and knee blocks too. All of this is extremely rare for chairs of this style. However, it may be the roll at the top of the back that really takes the case. There are several pictures showing this. It gives the chairs a refinement and elegance that really is seen in upholstered items. The legs are made out of mahogany. These chairs were purchases as seen but they are very tight. There is no doubt they have been “well restored”. As a result of this great condition, we are going to date them very conservatively at 1780. However, I suspect they are actually 1740-1760. They are probably English but could be Scottish as well.

Price: $2750 for the pair

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