Parker Coffee Grinder, No. 700

“Unbelievable”, yes, that is the word that should come to mind when viewing this piece for the first time. The second thought…”that paint cannot be real”. The answer is “yes” and “YES”!This coffee grinder, Model 700, was made at the end of the 19th century by Cha Parker. Marked and patented in 1897, this piece is nothing less than a “work of art”. The primary color is red but the brilliant blue and gold highlights make the piece. On its base, it is 22” tall, 16 ¾” wide at the handle and 16 ¾” deep. Meant for smaller commercial use, the colors would have really stood out especially when compared with the Enterprise coffee grinders of the period. Completely original, one will note that this model never had a finial on the lid. Even the drawer is original! All in all, this piece may look pretty in our photographs but it is compelling in person. Made in Meriden, Connecticut. Circa 1897.

Price: $1,595

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