Pembrooke Sewing Table

A Pembrooke sewing table with 2 drawers. This lovely table has two drop leaves and beautiful barely twist legs with its original casters. It has 2 drawers with a third sewing bag drawer.However, this table has a very unique feature with the sewing bag. It is removeable! Usually, these are permanently attached. In this case, it is to a frame which can be lifted out and set aside. This allows the table to have 2 distinctive looks. Below, one will find pictures of the table with and without the bag. The top is one board and the pulls are accurate replacements. It is 18 3/8” wide with the leaves down, 18” deep, and 28 ¾” tall. We refinished it. All in all, this is a lovely table. American. Circa 1820.

Price: $1595

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