Petite Pair of Kutani Vases

A delightful, pair of Kutani vases. At 9 ½” tall, the size and shape really grab the eye. This unusual form is slim and pleasing.It allows the vases to be used in a variety of places from a table top to a shelf. Upon closer examination, one will notice the wide variety of scenes. There is all kinds of activities from horseback riding to scenes of nature. The asymmetry is amazing and beautiful. They are a pair and are signed by the same artist. One of the vases does have some rubbing and loss to the gold leaf decorations in-between the panels. It makes the vases look a tad bit lighter, overall, but have no doubt they go together. Under each piece is a signature. It reads “Uchida-sei”. Uchida is the artist. Japanese. Circa 1895.

Price $495

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