Queen Anne Tilt Top With Gallery

“Holy Smokes!” may well be the first words one thinks when this piece is seen in person.

This is one of the best tilt top tables we have ever owned or seen. Simply, it is a masterpiece. One instantly notices the gallery. Galleries were rarely made but to find one in such excellent condition is amazing. Of course there are some minor repairs to it but they are old and well done. Next, one notices the finish. It appears to have been lovingly cared for. The luster is rich and shiny from a lifetime of waxing and care.As the eye starts to drift to down, the gadrooned edge jumps out. It is hard to believe the edge of the table is so well carved. Now, the pedestal jumps out. It is elaborately carved in a variation of Chinese Chippendale. None of us have ever seen a column so carved. The quality of this work rivals the gallery and gadrooning. As the eye continues down, one notices the nicely carved knees.  However, it is at the feet that my heart leapt. How could such an ornate, painstakingly carved table have such outstanding feet. Queen Anne feet of this period are usually nice and bulbous. Never before have we seen a foot carved like this. It is in the traditional shape of Queen Anne but has a decidedly “lion” flair. Our best guess is this is some Queen Anne and Chippendale ball and claw combination. It is…marvelous. One final note, the table has a bird cage and rotates for serving! Based on our experience, this wonderful feature is seldom seen on tables with galleries. The top is 33 ½” by 32 5/8”. It stands 28 ¼” tall to the top and 30” tall to the top of the gallery.  English.  Circa 1760.

Overall, this table is a masterpiece.  Whether it came from England or Scotland, it stands above its pears.  From the gallery to the carvings to the feet, this piece has it.  I truly doubt this table has an equal.

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