Rare Chippendale One Drawer Table

Rare Chippendale Bedroom Table

This is a rare configuration for a one drawer table. In the 18th century, these tables were referred to as “bedroom tables”. They were multi-functional tables that were used anywhere in the house. While many were used by a single person to eat alone or to work on. They could easy be used as an “extra” piece. The drop leaf gave the table lots of versatility. This form is commonly associated with Scotland.

Made out of solid mahogany this table features four beautifully molded legs with chamfering. The pull on the drawer is replaced and there is a stain on the top in the right corner. The coloring of this table made photographing it very difficult to photograph. Overall, the table is pretty at a rich brown with a hint of red. The molded edge to the top is a nice touch. This piece can really be used anywhere today. It is a wonderful size at 27 ¾” tall, 28” wide, and 17” deep. This size allows it to be used in a variety of ways. English. Circa 1790.

For a detailed explanation on the usage and history of bedroom tables click on the following link:


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