Regency Cellaret

What is that? A common question the first time one sees a Regency cellaret. This particular nice one has a flat top which is the preferred style. With a flat top, this can easily serve as a table beside or between upholstered chairs.A drink, cell phone, and remote all fit easily on top. Originally, cellarets were used to store and serve bottles of alcohol. Ones of this size were portable and could be moved from room to room, thus ensuring no guest ever went thirsty. The interiors were lined and designed to hold ice and water to “chill” the liquids. (Please do not do this today!) The legs are reeded and retain its original casters. Made out of mahogany, this piece was restored some time ago. The finish has a fantastic luster to it and can still work as a functional piece. It is 27” wide, 21 ½” deep, and 24 ¼” tall. English. Circa 1830

Price: $3495

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