Rhode Island Card Table

An elegant, mahogany card table from Rhode Island. Made out of solid Honduras mahogany, this game table is beautiful. The tapered legs and string inlay really grab one’s eye upon first seeing it.Look at the elegance and the refinement. The round paterae at the top of the legs are delightful. Next, one notices the ribbon stripped mahogany. It seems to move and change as one views the table from left to right. It almost…ripples. Upon closer examination, one notices the distinctive, chip carving along the edge of the apron. This detail is incredible. Finally, one notes the beautiful cut spandrels in the corners where the legs and apron meet. What a great way to finish off this table. 

It has been refinished by us and has a slight shine to it. Two of the spandrels are original and two were replaced by us. Overall, this table is a bit more petite than the average gaming table. It is 31 3/8” wide, 14 ½” deep, and 29 ¼” tall. This petite size allows it to be more versatile and used in smaller areas. American. Circa 1800.

Price: $3250

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