Rose Mandarin Brush Box

An early, Rose Mandarin brush box with its original lid.  Look closely at the decorations. To say it is pretty just doesn’t do it justice. The court scene on top is sweet, and it shows a slight amount of wear.However, the sides are striking and really help date the piece. Each side features gifts with gold decorations. Furthermore, the two long sides have 2 butterflies on each. All of this helps push the age a bit earlier than usual. We believe it dates around 1855, give or take. Overall, it is 7 ½” long, 3 ¾” deep, and 2 ¼+” tall. Brush boxes are a favorite for ladies. Many are used not only as decorative pieces but has small jewelry boxes for frequently worn items. All in all, this is a wonderful piece. Chinese. Circa 1855.

Price: $945

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