Roxbury Tall Case Clock

Roxbury Tall Case Clock

A great example of a high style Roxbury, Massachusetts tall case, or grandfather, clock. Found in a local home, this clock hasn’t been seen by the public in almost 2 generations. Made out of solid mahogany, it has extensive inlay all over the case. The maple accents are well balanced with 7 different inlay patterns. These patterns are repeated throughout the clock. Even the plinths on top of the bonnet are inlaid! The fret work and plinths on the bonnet are original. As well as, the finish and 2 of the 3 finials. The magnificent escutcheon on the waist and bonnet doors are original as well. The brass stop fluting on the fluted columns and quarter columns really add to the case. The sides of the bonnet have windows to the works. Like many clocks of the 18th century, these works appears to be British made. Only the bottom trim and weights on the clock is not original. It stands 7’8” tall which is wonderful for an 8’ ceiling. It is 21 5/8” wide and 10” deep. Overall, this is an exceptional clock that was, sadly, never signed by the maker. There are numerous names on the inside of the clock including Joel F. Osgood 1834. Probably Massachusetts, Circa 1800.

This is one of the finer clocks we have owned in recent memory. Please note that the pictures are good but the clock is much prettier in person. The finish has a luster and softness to them that cannot be captured by a camera.

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