Rummell’s Engraving of UVA

Rummell’s Engraving of UVA

A fantastic engraving by Richard Rummell of the University of Virginia.  This piece was originally painted by Richard Rummell(1848-1924). He was a well-known artist and was commissions to do some water color paintings of some of the most prestigious schools and colleges in American.

Painted from a “bird’s eye view” it has often been speculated that he used a hot air balloon. Furthermore, he would consult with the administration of each school and include future plans in his paintings. (Some of these “future” plans never happened!) From these water colors, copper plates were engaged and prints like this one were sold. There were a limited number originally printed. Today, his prints are highly sought after by alumni and rarely come on the market. In 1940, Paul Victorius purchase the plates and re-struck them producing pieces like one sees here. This process was stopped around 1960 but was picked back up by John Warderman who struck prints up until 1981. This piece probably comes from the Warderman run. Each image is hand colored. These pieces are part of a collection of University of Virginia engravings we just acquired from the 19th and 20th centuries. Originally, Rummell engraved 3 different size plates of this image. We have a handful of the images in different sizes.

The “small” size engraving has an image size of 11” by 6 3/4” and the framed measurements are 18 1/8” wide by 13 5/8” deep and is priced at $535.

The “medium” size of the engraving has and image size of 14” by  7 ¾” and the framed measurements are 21 ¾” by 15 ¼” and is priced at $795.

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