Shenandoah Valley Chest

Shenandoah Valley Chest

A wonderful chest of drawers from the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. Made out of walnut with yellow pine secondary, this chest has a lot of style.While it has reeded stiles, the diagonal reeding under the top really catches the eye. The apron may look dainty at the base of the chest, it is a good 1” thick. Throughout the piece the construction is very significant and is German influenced. This style of work is a simpler version of a piece in the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, In our opinion, the case to the clock and the check were both made in the same shop. The attribution to Middletown, VA, just south of Winchester, is very strong.  

Standing 47 3/8” tall, this chest has wonderful proportions. It is only 38” wide and 21” deep! The exterior is totally original with the exception of the knobs. They are pre-Civil War replacements. (Probably an attempt to “dress” it up.) The only thing we had to do is repair the drawer runners. Most were worn out due to the weight of the drawers, approximately 25 pounds. We were able to flip several of the case runners. Several are untouched. All in all, this is an outstanding chest! Circa 1825.

Price: $3995

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