Single Ball and Claw Side Chair

What a beautiful, Chippendale side chair. This elegant chair has such grace and poise. Couple that with the original finish and this is one great chair. Normally, a pierced splat really grabs the eye but in this case it is the ornately carved crest rail and ears that draws one’s attention.The acanthus leaf decorations are striking and are echoed on the knees. From there, the eye notices the wonderful the ball and claw feet. WOW! Can this chair get any better? Only if there were more of them…but there is. In truth, we have 3 of these chairs. So, they can be purchased as a pair or a single. The only difference is in the direction of the center carving on the crest rail. This one faces right, the other two face left. Each chair is approximately 37 5/8” tall, 20 ½” deep, and 22 ¼” wide at the knees.  English.  Circa 1775.

Price: $695 each

This is part of a set of 3 we acquired. Each chair has had a little bit of regluing due to age and wear but they are all sound and very comfortable. They can be purchased as a single, pair, or a full set.  Pictures of the other chairs are available upon request.

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