Small Hepplewhite Cabinet

An adorable, bow front, one door cabinet. Made out of mahogany, the size is the first thing one notices. It is only 23” tall, 14.5” wide and 13 3/8” deep!This size makes it perfect as a table for a chair, as seen here. Its size and interior with shelf makes it hard to figure what was the original use of the cabinet. Regardless, it is perfectly suited, but not limited to, as a table. Look closer….  The inlay really stands out on the front and top. The inlay isn’t just a simple string. Examine the door! Finally, one realizes it has a bow front. (It took a good 5 minutes for us to realize it) Work like this was not by happenstance. This was a fine, expensive piece when it was made. Overall, it is in good condition and appears to retain an old finish. There is some discoloration on the top from something sitting on it and some wear commiserate with its age. (see the pictures below) The feet are original and the knob is a replacement. However, it is good piece and we are pleased to offer it. English Oak secondary. English. Circa 1800.

Price: $995

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