“Smith’s History of Virginia”

“Smith’s History of Virginia” by Capt. John Smith, 1629. This is a 2nd printing of “Smith’s History of Virginia” by Capt. John Smith.  It was originally published in 1629.  The 2nd printing was done here, in Richmond, VA, in 1819 from the original plates.

This book is complete with all of its original art and maps.  It is incredibly difficult to find one with the foldouts still in it.  Originally, this was a 2 volume set.  The book was rebound a long time ago.  In fact, the exterior of the book is the original cover from the first book.  It is 5 3/4″ deep, 1 5/8″ thick, and 8 5/8″ tall.  As one can see from the pictures, the book is in outstanding condition.  The slight discoloration seen in the pictures is much less to the naked eye.  One will notice that all of the foldouts have a small tear in the exact same place.  All of the maps and images from this book have the same tear.  This is due to the way the pages fold within the book.  In fact, if I don’t see a tear I begin to wonder if the image is real or a fake.

This book is one of my favorite items to show clients.  It is in English and is easier to read than one might expect.  Just think, when one holds and reads this book, one is reading the actual words of Captain John Smith!

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