Oak Barrister Bookcase

A nice, oak barrister bookcase by Globe-Wernicke. It has four sections, or stacks. Standing 61 3/8” tall, it is only 34 ¼” wide and 12 ½” deep. Barristers, like this, are very popular with home offices making such a big come back. We restored this one, including a hand-made, solid oak top and bottom. We even put a drawer in the bottom. American. Circa 1900.

This is one of a number of barristers from 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 sections high

Price: $1895

Mahogany Barrister Bookcase

A nice mahogany, barrister bookcase with Art Deco influence. All original, this piece would have been made in the early part of the 20th century. [Read more…]

Walnut Bookcase

A solid walnut bookcase with the two drawers. The back breaks down into 7 pieces so it is easy to move. Two drawers in the base give it some extra and flexible storage.

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Regency Chest with Bookcase Top

Regency Chest with Bookcase Top

A beautiful chest with bookcase top from the Regency period in England. This two part piece is made out of mahogany and deal. The front is all mahogany with beautiful flame mahogany veneered panels in the doors. [Read more…]