Virginia Candlestand With Birdcage

A stunning, birdcage, tilt top, candle stand. This piece is nothing short of marvelous. Made out of solid walnut, the entire table is in outstanding condition. Standing only 28 ½” tall, the one board top is 20 ¾” in diameter and has insert banding near the outer edge.The underside of the edge of the top is beveled. This gives the top the illusion it is thin and dainty while hiding the thickness of the top in the interior which lends the top strength and helped it not to warp over time. With the top up, one can clearly see the birdcage and batons. The only apology the table has is a replaced baton and repaired top edge to the birdcage. The work is very old, 100-150 years in our estimation.  The off-center placement of the catch assures us everything is original by proving the top and birdcage belong to one another. Shockingly, the key and ring do appear original. The ring shows signs of shrinkage which allows the top to a have a tiny bit of movement in it. The ring could be replaced with one that fits more snuggly at no charge. (Saving the original for authenticity purposes) The base of the table is in outstanding shape with only minor marks from an old repair at base of the pedestal from a crack at a leg. The bulbous feet with raised ridge give an elegance that is impossible to miss. One can see in the picture of the underside that the table never had a spider. Strongly attributed to Virginia. Circa 1780.

This is one of the finest Virginia tilt tops we have ever owned.

Price: $2,750

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