Virginia Secretary

A solid walnut slant front desk with bookcase top, or more commonly referred to as a “secretary”. This two part piece looks beautiful and is in great, restored condition. Overall, it is a 2 part piece made out of solid walnut. The top has blind doors and the original dental work is striking.The shelving does appear to be original with walnut facings in front of yellow pine. When the fall board is lowered, one sees a classic interior that is all walnut. The drawers have scratch beading and yellow pine secondary. The back of the top and bottom is poplar. It is a great size at 39 ¾” wide at the base (38” wide at the desk), 23” deep, and 80 1/8” tall. Not all of the rosehead nails remain but many do. Attributed to Virginia. Circa 1760-1780.

If one is looking for a great piece, that looks sharp, and isn’t overpowering, this is it! The below repairs took considerable effort to discern and are not readily noticeable in person. 

Looking closely at the piece, we have been able to determine what repairs have been done to this piece. Starting at the bottom, the feet are all replaced. Only the escutcheon is original on the fall board but the other hardware are in the original holes and is appropriate. The right slide is replaced but the left one appears to be original. The interior appears to be original including a few of the knobs. The top has replaced escutcheons on the doors and the hinges appear to be replaced too but in the original spots. The cornice is original except for the cove molding above the dental work. It is superbly replaced. Purchased locally in Chesterfield, the family acquired it from an antique shop in Richmond, VA during the 1950’s. We believe it was restored properly at that point in time.

All in all, this piece looks amazing and really catches the eye.

Price: $3,895

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