Walnut Bookcase

A solid walnut bookcase with the two drawers. The back breaks down into 7 pieces so it is easy to move. Two drawers in the base give it some extra and flexible storage.

The pulls are replaced but all of the glass is original. Each side has two panels. The interior is 11″ deep and the shelves are adjustable for height. Meanwhile, the base is 20″ deep and the top is 15 3/4″ deep. It stands 7′ 8 1/4″ tall and is 50″ wide. The shelves do have a plate groove cut in each one. As a result, this piece could be used as a china cabinet like it is shown here. Overall, the walnut is a lighter, warm brown that can easily fit in a casual or formal setting. Poplar secondary. Victorian. American. Circa 1885.

Price $4,950


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