18th Century Canton Tureen

An incredible piece of 18th century Canton porcelain. The quality and style of the Canton art on this tureen points directly to the late 18th century. Look at the details on the lid and the tureen.Compare this to any 19th piece of Canton and they look simple or plain. Notice the number of buildings, the details of the buildings, the walls…even the foliage is superior to 19th century examples. While the finial on top is similar to later pieces the details are sharper. Lastly, look at the vine handles and how elaborate they are when compared to a 19th century piece! It’s just incredible how far superior this piece is to its younger brethren. Overall, it has been examined under a black light and the condition is outstanding with no cracks, chips, or repairs. Only normal wear and firing flaws are present. It is 12 ¾” long, 8 ½” wide, and 8 ¾” tall. Chinese. 18th century.

Price: $1795


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