Octagon Imari Charger

A great Imari charger in the shape of an octagon. The octagon shape is unusual and this piece is no exception. Looking closely, one realizes the edge lifts above the flared sides. (more…)

Rose Medallion Tea Pot

A beautiful, Rose Medallion tea pot. This beautiful piece has strong color and retains its original lid and handle. The scenes and decorations are particularly nice. (more…)

Rose Medallion Punch Bowl

Rose Medallion Punch Bowl

A beautiful, Rose Medallion punch bowl. It is a grand piece at 14 5/8” diameter and 6 1/8” tall. (more…)

Shaped Imari Bowl

A wonderful, shaped Imari bowl with striking colors. This delightful piece has the blue color tones many collectors desire. The art is crisp with great gold work. (more…)

15″ Imari Charger

A lovely, 15″ diameter, Imari charger. The scenic Imari panels are most unusual and point to the piece being a bit later than we normally carry. However, they are beautiful and striking. Gold accents really help this piece pop. Lastly, the back is signed “Aritayaki” which is the region of Japan Imari was made. Japanese. Circa 1900.

Price: $695

Imari Charger, 18”

A beautiful Imari charger with unusual colors. This lovely piece features a center panel with 2 love birds. Flowing away from the center are 6 panels. Four are large with two using an almost teal blue color. (more…)

Jackfield Lions

Jackfield Lions

A majestic pair of Jackfield lions. Commonly thought to be Staffordshire, they are in fact made by Jackfield. (more…)

Grand Imari Bowl

WOW! Somehow, the word just doesn’t this piece justice. This large Imari bowl makes a huge visual impact when one sees it for the first time. The raised panels are beautifully decorate with gold and brilliant colors. (more…)

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