Speed’s Map of Virginia

A beautiful, untouched map by “Speed”. In reality, John Speed had been dead for decades when this map came out in his atlas in 1676. (more…)

Chinese Export Mug Barrel Shaped

A delightful Chinese export mug in the shape of a barrel. It is covered in polychrome enamels. The top has a trellis diaper-floral border above the scrolling. (more…)

Chinese Export Mug #39

A wonderful Chinese export mug decorated in polychrome enamels and gold. It has a precise rope and ring band with gold highlights. The wave of disconnected flowers under the band is beautiful. (more…)

Empire Table with Shaped Top

An incredible, Empire table with marble top. This beautiful piece has a wonderful Empire pedestal that is covered in flame mahogany veneers. Look closed at the applied decoration at the center of the pedestal. What detail! (more…)

Pair of Imari Vases

A striking pair of Imari vases features bold decorations. This beautiful pair of vases really catches the eye at 11 5/8” tall and 6 ½” in diameter. Look closely at the decorations. (more…)

Small Virginia Bench

“What a cool bench!” These words just don’t do this piece justice. First, it is the overall shape and design. The clipped corners are extremely rare in a bench. Made for function over form, it is very unusual for a bench maker to spend time on details and this piece has them in spades. (more…)

Imari Vase by Fukagawa

A strikingly decorated Imari vase. Adorned in classic Imari colors, the quality of the art on this piece is amazing. Featuring four panels filled with flora to the gold overlays, this piece has it all. (more…)

A Pair of Barrel Boxes

A lovely pair of Chinese export barrel boxes. Decorated in the rose medallion palette, each barrel has raised points as well. Both pieces show a bit of use but are in excellent condition. (more…)

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