Bird’s Eye Maple and Cherry Table

This lovely two drawer end table features a striking, solid Bird’s Eye Maple top and drawer fronts. Look at the wonderful graining. It is outstanding! The Bird’s Eye Maple really pops next to the deep cherry. Both of the drawer knobs are original. Overall, it is 19 7/8” wide, 18 5/8” deep, and 28 5/8” tall. Poplar secondary. American. Circa 1820.

Price: $1,695

Oil on Canvas with Chickens

An adorable oil painting featuring a lady feeding chickens with a hamlet in the background. Words cannot express how sweet this piece is. The chickens are just…adorable. (more…)

Walnut Stepback Cupboard

This wonderfully narrow, two part, stepback cupboard is made out of solid walnut. It stands at only 85 1/8” tall, it is only 41” wide at the cornice, and 18.5” deep at the top of the base. What an amazing size! So many stepback cupboards are just…large. (more…)

Petite Tall Case Clock

This lovely tall case clock is in outstanding condition. When seen the first time, the size of the clock really jumps out. It is only 7′ 5″ tall! (more…)

Pair of Virginia Card Tables

An incredible pair of matching card tables. There is always a celebration when one finds a pair of tables. A matched pair of gaming tables, most likely from Virginia, is nothing short of miraculous. (more…)

Welsh Clothes Press

This Welsh clothes cupboard is a wonderfully rare piece. Made in 2 parts, this piece is primarily comprised of English Oak with mahogany accents on all the panels and doors on its front.(The sides are paneled as well but lack the mahogany.) (more…)

18th Century Canton Tureen

An incredible piece of 18th century Canton porcelain. The quality and style of the Canton art on this tureen points directly to the late 18th century. Look at the details on the lid and the tureen. (more…)

“Lilly of the Valley” Card Table

Look closely and prepare to be amazed! This beautiful card table has some of the most magnificently detailed inlay work one will see. First and foremost are the inlaid “Lilly of the Valley” panels at the top of each leg. (more…)

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